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Sports/PE: Personalized Learning Experience (PLE)

Successfully complete an out-of-school athletic/fitness program (e.g., dance, gymnastics, swimming, AAU, martial arts, SCUBA) to earn PLE credit.

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Guidelines for Successful Physical Education Credit

  • The PLE in Physical Education can be taken in grades 9-12, however all students must fulfill 1.0 credit of state-required PE credit.
  • The Physical Education PLE ½ credit will count towards the Meriden Public Schools graduation requirements when successfully completed.
  • Participation must be for the entire season/program with an activity log verifying completion of season or program.
  • PLE is terminated if the student leaves the team/program voluntarily or is removed for cause.
  • Continued participation in the PLE will be reviewed if the participant becomes injured.
  • Coach or supervisor will attest to successful participation in the program of choice.