Maloney Athletics Home of the Spartans


Team Head Coach Phone Number Email
Football Kevin Frederick 203-868-4797
Boys Soccer Dave Parness 203-215-6830
Girls Soccer Eoin McClure 203-494-5438
Boys / Girls Swimming (Coop w/ Platt) Ed Heath 203-213-3848
Boys / Girls Volleyball Kevin Savjes 203-631-6611
Boys / Girls Cross Country Derek Destefano 203-213-7595
Boys Basketball Dave Parness 203-215-6830
Cheerleading Katie Barnicle 860-805-3222 
Girls Basketball John Vieira 860-406-4899
Wrestling Joe Winoski 203-464-2239
Indoor / Outdoor Track Don Askew 203-500-8213
Unified Sports Keith Lombardo 203-238-2334
Baseball Ricky Marrero 203-631-9483
Softball Scott Aresco 203-605-2712
Lacrosse (Coop w/ Platt) Glenn Breedlove 860-614-3437
Girls Tennis Tim Sweigard 203-444-7279
Golf Steve Page 203-824-1767