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District Academic Requirements of Athletics

  • Students must carry a minimum of six (6) credits per year unless a waiver from the principal is obtained. 
  • 6 courses = no more than 1 F, 7 or more classes = no more than 2 Fs at the end of the three-week reporting window will be placed on academic warning. 
  • Students on academic warning will have one week to show progress in improving their grades.
    • Academic Warning = may practice and play in games
  • If progress is not shown after one week, students will be placed on probation. (If progress is shown they stay on academic warning until grades are swept)
    • Probation = May participate in practices or meetings but cannot compete in any performance or contest.
  • If the student is placed on probation, he/she will remain on probation until the next reporting period.
  • Unless….at any point during the probationary period, a student can provide a PowerSchool printout to the athletic office confirming that he/she is passing five classes or has less than two Fs, he/she will be reinstated immediately.
  • If a student is placed on academic warning for a second time during a season or activity, he/she will automatically be placed on probation until he/she meets the requirements of passing five classes or has less than two Fs.
  • Students who are placed on probation, but believe that they have extenuating circumstances, may petition their grade level administrator for a final decision.