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Letter from the Athletic Trainer

Hello Spartans!

My name is Gyujin[Q-jin] and I am a certified and licensed athletic trainer who will guide you to feel better and perform better. As an integral part of the sports medicine team, athletic trainers are specialized in injury prevention and rehabilitation, clinical assessment, and emergency management. We collaborate with physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and EMTs to provide the best care for athletes.

Athletic Trainer's Specialties

  • Evidence-based practice
  • Injury Prevention
  • Clinical examination and diagnosis
  • Acute care of injury and illness
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Psychosocial strategies and referral

I graduated from University of Connecticut with a master of science in athletic training. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by National Strength and Conditioning Association and First Aid/CPR/AED instructor by American Red Cross.

Growing up in South Korea, I never had a chance to play sports. There are no high school sports or college sports leagues like NCAA, which is why I was motivated to come to the US to study sports medicine. As I started working with athletes, I quickly learned that there are no athletes without some history of pain or injury. That's why I want to be there for young student-athletes, like you Spartans, so that I can set you up for success! This time in high school is a critical time in your life to learn to stay active and healthy. Don't let lingering ankle pain or tightness in your lower back stop you from scoring in the next game. Come see me in my office and help me help you!

Never hesitate to reach out to me if...

  • You have pain or discomfort during sports participation
  • An injury is getting worse
  • You need clarity on home instructions
  • You need guidance on a proper specialist to see
  • You want to study sports medicine

Gyujin Kim, MSAT, ATC, LAT, CSCS
Office hours: Mon-Fri / 2pm-6pm  
Phone: (203) 443 1717


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